Hongqi Canal

The Hongqi Canal is a monument to the industry and ingenuity of the Linzhou people. In keeping with Mao's belief that "it is the people that are the creator of the world," the Canal was build under the auspices of the traditional Chinese virtues of co-operation, solidarity, creativity and sacrifice. This amazing manmade river is admired throughout the nation, exemplified by Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai's proclamation that "the new-born China has two wonders: the Yangtze River Bridge and the Hongqi Canal."

Located at the junction of three provinces, the Hongqi Canal's superior location is ideal for practical purposes and tourism. Winding through the splendid Taihang Mountains, the Canal unfurls like a beautiful blue ribbon. The Hongqi Canal's Scenic Site is made up of three spots: the Watershed Garden, the Youth Cave and Luosi Pond.

Additionally, visitors are treated to Zhongyuan Green Park's zoo, fishing area, riders' park, children's playground and acrobatic shows. To the delight of Park visitors, these daily acrobatic shows include exciting stunts as well as astonishing animal performances.

The Watershed Garden lies at the point where the Canal's main waterway breaks into three branches. 18 kilometersfrom the downtown area, the Garden rests in the vale between Datuo Hill and Mao'er Hill in the northern part of the Linlvshan Mountain. Originally known as Tomb Hill, this scenic area is elegantly arranged with dense green cypress trees amidst the Canal's rushing waters. Meanwhile, 30 kilometers from the Watershed Garden, the Youth Cave extends through the mountains and along its cliffs. This splendid and poetic view fosters an air of beauty and vigor.

Nearly adjacent to the Youth Cave is Luosi Pond. Also known as "Tianqiao Duan," which literally means "broken heaven bridge," the Pond features a hanging rope bridge extending over the valley between the Henan and Hebei provinces. At the Pond, visitors boat along the famous "Little Gorges" of the Zhanghe River while also appreciating the rich folklore of the Divine Turtle Cave.