Dapi Hill Scenic Area

Dapi Hill Scenic Area consists of Dapi Hill and Fuqiu Hill towering on the stretching plains. Despite its altitude of 135 meters above the sea level, Dapi hill was recorded in China's earliest historical book because of Da Yu, an ancient hero and emperor once climbed the hill when he fought against the floods. A sightseeing to Dapi Hill Scenic Area will make you inebriate in the long history and rich culture.

In history, more than ten emperors, ministers and generals visited Dapi Hill. For hundreds of years, numerous literati, poets like Wang Wei, Fan Chengda, Wang Yangming wrote poetriess about Dapi Hill. The arrival of the celebrities and famous scholars improved its position in China and made it a charming resort. There are 9 Buddhist and Daoist architectural spots in the scenic area with pavilions and temples spreading upon the two hills.

Tianning Temple of the North Wei Dynasty enjoys a worldwide reputation for its giant stone statue of Buddha which is 22.29 meters high with a history of over 1600 years. What's more, the Buddha statue is the earliest of its kind and the largest in north China. Some experts and scholars have marveled at its religious cultures. For over 450 years, the scenic area has been a center of cultural and entertainment activities for the surrounding districts.