Chenjiagou Village

Originally called Changyang Village, it was later chanaged by Chen Bu, a native of Zezhou, who's descendants have lived in the village generations. Chen Bu, a master of martial arts and Chinese boxing, established a martial arts organization in the village that combined the traditional customs of boxing practice of the Ninth Generation of the Chen Family with Taoist breathing excercises, which utilizes the concept of yin and yang. As an essential part of Chinese martial arts, shadow-boxing has gained special popularity since 1980s.

This form of exercise is beneficial to the body and is more commonly known today as Taichi. Upon entering Chenjiagou Village, you are immersed in the Taichi culture. Here lies the memorial hall in memory of generations of Taichi masters, the most famous, master Yang Luchan. On exhibit at the museum is the historical development of shadow boxing and Taichi over the centuries.