Wangwushan Scenic Area

Legend tells of the story of removing the mountains took place in the south of Wangwushan Mountain, where there was a north-south ridge extending from the peak. Yugong, the old man who removed the mountains, lived in the west of the ridge with Xiaoyou stream running in the east. The ridge prevented people from fetching water, so Yugong led his sons and grandsons to remove the barrier. Wangwushan Mountain is one of the nine famous mountains in ancient China, where a famous Taoist, named Sima Chengzhen, cultivated himself during the Tang dynasty.

Standing to the west of Yugong Village, Yangtai Palace is the starting point of Wangwushan. The current palace was built in the Tang Dynasty, with the existing Sanqing Hall and Yuhuang pavilion last rennovated 500 years ago. The most attractive pavilion with three layers of eaves in traditional Chinese architectural style. Various watefalls jot the scenic area and is amazing to see the torrents fall from the steep cliffs, echoing in the deep valley.