Wulongkou Scenic Area Jiyuan

Wulongkou Scenic Area is divided into the five major scenic spots of Hot Spring, Pangu, Qin River, Chouergou and Baijiangou, characterized by natural scenaries and a macaque preservation area. One of the four famous hydraulic engineering sites was built here as well in ancient China.

The project expanded from the Han to Yuan dynasties. During the Ming Dynasty, five canals resembling five dragons were excavated at Qinkou, forming the image of five dragons separating the water. Wulongkou, litereally translates to the mouth of five dragons, named after the hydraulic engineering project.

Qin River cuts through the mountains at Wulongkou with steep cliffs. Visitors can enjoy the tranquil valley and clean river. With green mountains reflecting in the clear waters and cool summers, Wulongkou has been acclaimed as one of the nine sights in Jiyuan. Hot springs are scattered throughout the scenic area, one of the best places in China to enjoy the medicinal benefits of the waters.