Kaifeng Fu

Weathering the ravages of time and fate, Kaifeng Fu has been rebuilt and restored to replicate the magnificent halls of justice that once housed the legendary Lord Bao. Today Kaifeng Fu serves as a memorial, a park and a performance venue for Chinese operas, most notably the local opera Lord Bao Investigating Cases in Kaifeng Fu. The exhibits and performances of this theme park serve to educate and delight visitors from all walks of life. Dramatic retellings of Bao's great works are couched within demonstrations of ancient ceremonies, acrobatics and amazing circus-like entertainers who blow fire and perform magic tricks.

Kaifeng Fu sits on the northern banks of Bao Lake, opposite Lord Bao's Temple. Here Kaifeng Fu's present day buildings cover over 4 hectares, consisting of 13,600 square meters of structural floor space. Using the construction methods and styles favored by the Northern Song Dynasty, Kaifeng Fu's physical presence immerses visitors into the building's historical context.

Among the many features of Kaifeng Fu are over 50 palaces, halls and buildings. These include: the Main Hall, the Conference Hall, the Meihua Hall, the Tianqing Temple, the Mingli Courtyard, Qianlong Courtyard, Qingxin Building, Yingwu building, the Yanbin Hall and the prison.