Nanjiecun Town

Covering a modest area of 1.8 square kilometers, Nanjiecun Town is home to 3,100 people. Though relatively small in size and population, Nanjiecun's prominence resides in its value as an important national agricultural site as well as its reputation as the "Last Mao City," where the Chairman's legacy lives on. Here, at this "red attraction," visitors learn the history and ideology of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

Nanjiecun's citizens carry on communist traditions with their ongoing adherence to Mao's ideals. Two "red attractions" that showcase these values are the Nanjiecun Square and the Revolutionary Tradition Area. Sitting at the center of town, the 10,000 square meter Square features a white marble statue of Chairman Mao, guarded by a military detail and standing amidst portraits of other revolutionary leaders. Meanwhile, the Revolutionary Tradition Area is modeled after the residence of the Chairman. The Area includes a recreation of the Zunyi Conference, the turning point for the Chinese Revolution. Also memorialized are versions of the Yan'an Pagoda and the cave dwellings of the revolutionary leaders.

The Nanjiecun Town Cultural Park tells the Town's story to new visitors and scholars alike. This site consists of four sections: the video hall, the archives exhibition room, the library and the hall of paintings and calligraphy. With historical archives, art displays and a large library collection, the Cultural Park is an invaluable asset to those interested in Nanjiecun's culture and history.

The High-Tech Agricultural Park is a 9-hectare, state-certified, pesticide-free horticultural base. Its 2,100 square meters of cultivating area include the Park's large greenhouse. Here several different agricultural techniques are featured including: non-earth cultivation, water cultivation and drip irrigation.

Another important botanical resource is the Tropical Plants Area. A refuge for rare botanical species, the Area possesses over 500 types of flowers amongst thousands of plants situated in various gardens and parks.