Huaguoshan National Forest Park

Located at the southwest of the Yiyang County, the Huaguo Mountain is 90 kilometers away from Luoyang City, adjacent to the Songxian County and Luoning County. It covers 420,000 square kilometers with its main peak 1,831 meters above the sea level. As a fairyland described in Journey to the West by Wu Cheng'en, one of the four ancient Chinese classics, it has always been a famous central China tourist resort since the Jin and Tang Dynasties.

It was called one of the 72 "fairylands" in ancient Chinese historical books, together with the Lushan Mountain in Jiangxi Province and the Wudang Mountain in Hubei Province. With glacial landform features, the Huaguo Mountain is hilly and rocky. Peaks over peaks together with dense forest swaying in the wind form a beautiful picture which reminds people of a vast sea of waves. Stones here are of unusual forms. What's more, here stands the largest klippe in China. The Huaguo Mountain is a quiet and beautiful place with fancy stones, rising peaks and winding springs. Dense forest and blooming flowers cover the mountain with clean ponds, rushing waterfalls, singing streams. The sunrises and sunsets are magical, rising over the sea of clouds.

Located at the center of the park, the Huashan Area covers 810.6 hectares and many fancy and beautiful scenic spots, including the Huashan Temple, the Kissing of a Monkey Couple, the Monkey King in Discussion, the Afterglow at Sunset, and Thousand Trees and Villages in the Mist. The Yueding sightseeing area, lying at the east part of the park, covers 2163.7 hectares and lots of beautiful spots featured by quietness, including forests, sky ladder, pavilions, waterfalls, cliffs, and springs. Lying at the west of the park, the Qiyu Waterfall Area is a natural fair of numerous waterfalls in various styles featured by "mystery". Standing in front of the splendid waterfalls rushing downward vigorously, cracking on stones, scattering numerous silver pearls with thundering sound, visitors will be impressed by their beauty. In addition, ponds, peaks, pines, cave sculptures, ancient plank roads built along cliffs will also bring visitors unusual experiences.