Baotianman Nature Reserve

Located in northern Neixiang County, the Baotianman Nature Reserve Area covers 100 square kilometers as Henan's first nature reserve and central China's only biosphere reserve. At an altitude of 1,830 meters above sea level, Baotianman's Main Peak provides a panoramic view where visitors can take in the Area's imposing mountains and vast forests. As Henan's center of ecological diversity, the Nature Reserve Area's beautiful natural landscapes also include the Saozhou Cliff, Jingziduo, Guofeng Cliff, Muhuding, and Huashijian.

In addition to the Main Peak, four other prominent peaks are found in the Area. Broom Peak, abounding in bamboo, is named after the local practice of making bamboo broom sticks. Meanwhile, the remarkably well-preserved Tiger Peak derives its name from the folktale of a legendary tiger hunt, and Fossil Peak is named after its protruding fossil-bearing rocks. Heart Peak is named for its delicate heart shape; this peak features notable waterfalls, ponds and caves including the Seven Star Pool, the Five Dragon Pool and the grottos of Tianxin, Xianren and the Wind cave.

Facing the Baotianman Peak, sit the Karst Caverns. With a length of nearly one kilometer, the Caverns lead up to the mountain peak and consist of a 500-meter main cave and several side caves. Meanwhile, at the foot of Dadongshan, the Cave of Immortals opens to a spacious stone hall. According to legend, a dutiful young maiden, seeking a cure for her father's illness, transformed in a fairy after attaining enlightenment from the Cave's immortals. Today spelunkers wind their way through a maze of surprises including several caves, halls, sky wells and the Cave's famous shadowy denizens, bats!

Typical of a transitional climate, the Nature Reserve Area boasts of rich botanical resources and nearly 96% forest coverage. Approximately 3,000 plant species share the region with 201 land vertebrate species. Prehistoric species are also represented by the numerous dinosaur eggs and fossils found in Baotianman's vicinity.