Fodushan Scenic Area

Located in Lushan County, the Fodushan Scenic Area covers 780 hectares and possesses immense natural beauty in the form of green hills and clear waters. Its three primary sites of interest are the Foquan Temple, the Golden Buddha and the Bell of Good Luck. Other scenic spots include Tongtian River, local hot springs and waterfalls, all adding to the mystery and elegance of this ancient region.

As the former focal point of Chinese Buddhism, the Foquan Temple is known to some as China's Buddhist "Mecca." Reaching its pinnacle during the Tang Dynasty, the Temple is architecturally built into the foot of the Fodu Mountain and represents thousands of years of Chinese temple construction principles and methods. Stepping into the Temple, visitors encounter, in turn, the Tianwang ("King of Heaven") Palace, the Main Hall of the Buddha and the Statue of the Golden Buddha. The Temple complex is built according to the physical features of the mountain with its front buildings situated lower than the back ones. Visitors can clearly see each layer of the construction from the top of the mountain, marveling at this distinct structure.

The 152-meter tall Statue of the Golden Buddha rests with its back against Fodushan, serenely facing the Foquan River. With its amiable and reflective visage, this monument to the Golden Buddha has earned its moniker as the "No.1 Buddha Under Heaven." The Statue itself is situated among meditation altars. In the east, "the Altar of Luck and Wisdom" is where visitors pray for good fortune and knowledge. Meanwhile, in the west sits "the Altar of Health and Longevity." The middle altar is designated for those praying for "Smooth Sailing." All throughout, these structures represent an architectural manifestation of reverence and serenity.

The Bell Tower rests atop Dragon Head Peak, at the north bank of the Dashahe River. Housed within the Bell Tower is the Bell of Good Luck. A symbol for prosperity, the Bell carries rich cultural connotations as depicted in its 56 carved designs representing the 56 nationalities of China. This world class Bell is characterized by its remarkable sustain and resonance. As the heaviest and the largest bronze striking bell on earth, the 116-ton bell has been successfully accepted into the Guinness Book of World Records and continues to hold that honor to this day.