Shimantan National Forest Park

The Shimantan National Forest Park, covering an area of 120 square kilometers, is located in-between Wugang City, Funiushan and the Huang-Huai Plains. Beautiful natural scenes of hills, caves and rock formations characterize this Forest Park.

Shimantan's idyllic wonders are divided into 10 scenic spots including 4 traveling routes. Designed with the Dragon Spring Lake at its center, scenic spots Jiutouya and Tianchi flank the Lake's two sides. Thanks to its moderate weather and abundant water resources, the Park enjoys 90% forest coverage. As each scenic spot features distinct landscapes, visitors are treated to diverse sights and activities: gorgeous stone formations, thick forests, dragon boat racing, the Reservoir's cascading waterfalls and a working steel factory.

As the main scenic spot of the Shimantan National Forest Park, Jiutouya Natural Scenic Area sits close to the Shimantan Reservoir and covers 50 square kilometers. This Area is composed of 40 small scenic areas, 27 historical sites, 8 caverns, 12 springs and 128 scenic spots. Impressing visitors with its peaks, trees, streams and caverns, the main spot here is Jiutouya Cliff. This majestic sight is comprised of nine precipitous peaks sitting side by side.

On the other side of the Dragon Spring Lake is the mountainous Tianchishan Scenic Area. Another beautiful spectacle for sightseers, the Area's towering mountain peaks rise in contrast to the calm of the Tianchi Pool. Overall, the Area is divided into two sections, the 100 scenic spots and the 35 historical sites.