Shirenshan National Park

In the eastern Funiu Mountains, the Shirenshan Scenic Area is celebrated for its natural beauty. This Scenic Area boasts of many geographical features including its steep peaks, intriguing rock formations and rushing waterfalls. As a wonderfully hospitable habitat, it is also home to numerous wild flowers and rare animals.

The Scenic Area's 17 notable waterfalls interconnect with surrounding features to form a integrated ecosphere. Here, hundreds of springs flow into brooks, which then transform into waterfalls, which form and collect into pools. The two "Dragons" are the most noted pools in the Area: the Black Dragon Pool and the White Dragon Pool. The latter is connected to Shirenshan's most magnificent waterfall, the White Dragon Waterfall. This beautiful fall is so named because it descends from on high like a fiery dragon.

It is said of Shirenshan, "the waters are a painting while the stones form a poem." Composed of granite, millions of years of fissuring have deformed the ridges into intriguing "granite forests." From a distance, mountain peaks hide in the mist while camouflaging ancient dynastic palaces. The highest of these nearly 100 peaks is the 2,153 meter tall Yuhuangding.

Shirenshan features an exhilarating travel-fare, the 2,000-meter long sliding ropeway system. Zigzagging down the mountain, the Shifeng ("Stone Phoenix") Ropeway is 999 meters long and 341 meters tall and connects the Shiren Valley to the south of Fenghuangtai. 70 hanging cable cars carry 320 visitors per hour, providing unique sightseeing vantage points.

Situated between the subtropical and the temperate climate zones, Shirenshan comes alive with every season. Spring features a world of twittering birds and singing streams; summer brings late blooming flowers; autumn dyes the woods in red; winter's snow turns the forests into a sea of white. In thanks to its geographical conditions, Shirenshan abounds in plant and animal resources. Possessing over 4,000 plant species, 40 under state protection, this scenic area features large expanses of forests, including the "Fancy Pines." The entwined roots and trunks of these pines resemble dragon claws or elegantly drawn Chinese characters.

Visitors relax by immersing in the area's hot springs. Along the Sand River Valley, at the foot of Shirenshan, five groups of hot springs soothe and replenish their visitors. What's more, the scenic area of Shirenshan is dotted with other points of interest, including the Folk Custom Valley, the Temple of Confucius and Asia's largest aeronautic exhibition center.