Maolou Ecological Tourism Zone

The Maolou Ecological Tourism Zone stands between Henan and Shandong, facing the Yellow River to the south and the dam to the north. It is noted for its grand natural vistas. Built under the auspices of diligent research and design, the Maolou Tourism Zone harmoniously situates itself within the ecology of the Yellow River. Featuring the region's celebrated pastoral scenery, Maolou's visitors experience a delightful return to nature as they take in the Zone's sights and sounds.

Eight attractions and facilities are established here, many of which are poetically named after the Zone's beautiful sights. These include: "The Yellow River Wonder," "Listening to Waves Under the Moon," "Summer Escape on the Sandy Beach" and "Watching Carp in Autumn." There are also a variety of recreational programs, including boating, equestrianism, camel riding, fishing and hunting.

4,000 years ago in the Five Emperors era, ancient rulers Yao and Shun walked these plains during their reign. Since that time, historical artifacts and lore have been found here, many from the Tang, Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Visitors interested in exploring Maolou's history can find out more at the Danzhu Tomb and the Maogang Martyrs' Memorial Park.