Quicheng Attraction of Cultural Relics

As one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization, Puyang's geographical location was of strategic and political importance since antiquity. Thus, this town inevitably came to house many crucial relics from the Nation's history. Many of these relics are found at the Qicheng Attraction of Cultural Relics. The Ruins of Qicheng are officially noted as a National Key Protection Unit of Historical Relics. Here the region's history is on display via the Attraction's 50 hectares, 5 commemoration spots and 3 sites of relics and ruins.

Of historical note, it was during the Spring and Autumn Period when Qicheng was the primary site where the warlords negotiated their alliances. Of the 15 times these alliances were forged between 626 and 531 BC, 7 of them were done so here. To honor this milepost, the Attraction features the Alliance Stage.

Other important exhibits are the Town Walls, which extend for 1,520 meters as well as unearthed historical remains from different era. These artifacts include findings as old as the 6,000 year-old Yang Shao Era up to the 2,000 year-old Han Dynasty. These and other relics are shown in the Exhibition Room, the Confucius Residence in Wei, the Dragon Palace and Xuan Guan, the holy place where King Zhuan Xu carried out his religious reforms.

Meanwhile the Miniature View of Ancient Battles depicts important military conflicts of this region. In other exhibits, a memorial to the "Saint of Cards" and his inventions are on display along with the Emperor Qi's Pavilion of The Tripod Caldron. The Fu Xi Pavilion honors the legendary Chinese culture hero, while the statue of Hua Xu, honors Fu Xi's mother.