Shijin Park

Situated in the Puyang Agriculture Development Zone, Shijin Park is not only the largest flower base in Henan but also a high-tech agricultural sightseeing attraction. In the Park, advanced techniques have been applied totop-grade flamingo flowers, lilies and Gerbera (AKA "Gerber Daisies"). The Park's high technology includes: soil cultivation, computer controlled temperature and automatic irrigation. With these resources, Shijin Park is able to regulate the climate conditions for its flowers, creating some amazing sights, such as the surreal winter contrast of blooming flowers against the backdrop of snowy fields.

The Park's annual output includes 10 million fresh-cut flowers, 550,000 potted flowers and 3 million garden plants. A total of 1.5 million visitors and 2,000 research groups have been received by the Park from home and abroad. Of the many honors awarded to Shijin Park, a few that stand out are: "the National Flower Growing Base," "Nursery Base for flowers" and "Youth Scientific Innovation Base."