Zhongyuan Green Park

Built in March of 1999, the Zhongyuan Green Park encompasses the complementary values of ecological protection and entertainment. As Puyang's largest tourist attraction, the Park devotes its energies towards establishing a simple and natural environment based on its core values of harmonizing man's coexistence with nature. Bridging the gap between the manufactured and the natural, the Park's lawns, lakes, waterfalls and streams gracefully contrast with its architecture.

The Park's picturesque scenery changes with every season. In spring, fragrant grass and flowers bloom; summer offers verdant trees and crystalline waters; fall fills the hills with fiery red maple leaves; snow covered pine trees grace the winter.

Additionally, visitors are treated to Zhongyuan Green Park's zoo, fishing area, riders' park, children's playground and acrobatic shows. To the delight of Park visitors, these daily acrobatic shows include exciting stunts as well as astonishing animal performances.