Baligou Scenic Area

Covering 42 square kilometers, Baligou Scenic Area rests at the south foot of the Taihang Mountains. It is 50 kilometers away from Xinxiang City and 25 kilometers from Huixian city. As the soul of the Taihang Mountains, this Scenic Area is said to embody the qualities of several prominent mountain ranges: the precipitousness of Huashan, the majesty of Taishan, the quiet of Qingcheng and the charm of Huangshan. With an average temperature of 14°C (57°F), the Scenic Area is an excellent summer resort. While other regions swelter, Baligou's visitors enjoy its splendor in comfortably cool environs.

The Baligou Scenic Area is composed of five main resorts that together include over 150 scenic spots. Famous for its 100 waterfalls, the Scenic Area features several of note including the Canal Waterfall, the Curtain Waterfall and the Ditch Waterfall. But most renowned is the Baligou Waterfall. Known as "the Heavenly Waterfall of the Taihang Mountains," this year round fall spouts from a spectacular height of 200 meters. Caves and rock formations also feature prominently in the Baligou Scenic Area. Several massive rock formations are the namesakes of Guan Yin, the Buddha, Lao Zi and the Welcoming Stone Man. While notable caverns include the Forefathers Cave, the Phoenix and Dragon Cave and the Eight Treasures Cave.

The Red Stone River is known as "the Heavenly River" for it flows at an impressive elevation of 1,500 meters. Named after the red rocks in its riverbed, this waterway originates from Shanxi Province and quietly runs through the long and narrow Red Valley. Its remarkably clear waters reflect a mirror like vision of the skies and surrounding landscapes. Visitors should be sure to seek out the Platform of the Eight Immortals. These eight massive rocks represent the eight immortals that legendarily graced this scenic spot. Adjacent to the Red Stone River is the famous "Guan Yin Cave." Alternately known as the "Black Dragon Cavern," this respite remains cool even in the hottest of summers. Meanwhile, the microelements found in the Cave's mineral spring water are said to provide many health and vitality benefits.

The mountainous areas of Baligou include several features of interest. A well-known trail is the dramatic "Thread of Sky." This path winds through mountainous gaps like a grand twisting dragon, thus its other moniker, "the Dragon Hanging Ladder." This "ladder" is composed of hundreds of steps along steep cliffs and represents the sole access point for local villagers. Also within the Taihang Range is the Jade Emperor Peak, the main peak of Taihang Mountain. From this vantage point, the Yellow River and the northern peaks are on display. Visitors to the Jade Emperor Peak are treated to wonderful views of the eastern sunrise and the western sea of clouds. Built in the styles of the Qin and Han Dynasties, the hotels and teahouses in the district are situated against the mountain and beside the waters. The Holiday Area, composed of cottages and farmyards, hides in the pristine forest, isolated from the city noise. Staying in farmhouses and enjoying local specialties, the Area's visitors savor the rural life, appreciating the beautiful scenery on horseback, viewing sunsets from mountain heights and sleeping soundly to the songs of the waterfalls.