Tanquan Spring Lake

On the west bank of the upper reaches of Lianyushan Reservoir, 15km southwest of Shancheng County and in the Dabieshan region, lies the famous attraction which is noted for its magic healing effects of its spring water. The hot spring, known to have healing effects, came into being 100 million years ago. Today, the lake has three springs, producing more than 60 tons of water daily. The quantitative analysis done by the optical spectrum shows that the water contains elements such as strontium, silver, titanium, chromium, copper, lead, calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, and fluorine. The spring has a low salt concentration and degree of mineralization. Medically, it is categorized as a silicate and fluoride spring. Owing to its thermal-mechanic and medicinaal effects, the spring is particularly effective to treating rheumatism, intestinal tract disease and malfunctions related to the nervous and respiratory system.