Wenfeng Pagoda

Situated within the grounds of the Xuchang Museum, the grand Wenfeng Pagoda reaches 52 meters into the Xuchang sky. A brick and stone structure, the Pagoda features 14-stories and is generally regarded as the pinnacle of brick pagoda architecture in the Henan Province, earning it a place on the State Key Relics Protection list.

The Pagoda consists of the Underground Palace, the Base, the Body and the Top. Blue stones prominently array themselves throughout the Pagoda's layout. The Underground Palace, the Base and the Body all feature this beautiful stone, some with exceptional bas-relief patterns of lotus petals and long grass stalks. Each corner of the Pagoda is graced with a sculpted dragon carrying a wind-bell. As the wind caresses these bell, they ring out with profound and charming resonance. As visitors reach the top of the tower, they are treated to a spectacular birds-eye view of Xuchang's scenery.