Yanling National Exposition Garden of Flowers And Plants

Beginning in the Tang Dynasty, Yanling County has fostered an earnest and devoted tradition of horticultural cultivation. Thriving through many eras, these traditional practices peaked during the Ming and Qing Dynasties due in large part to the ideal geographical and climate features of the region. Fertile soil, spring waters, sunshine and optimal seasonal differentiation fuel Yanling's position as Northern China's largest flower production base. Today's visitors appreciate Yanling's magnificent ecological landscape, experiencing the joys of entering into a blossoming world of flowers, herbs, and trees.

Constructed in 2002, the garden covers an area of 100 hectares, stretching 600 meters long from south to north and 1,600 meters long from east to west. Designed by Professor Liang Yongji of the Beijing Institute of Botany, the Yanling National Exposition Garden functions under the principles of sustainable development and conservation. Shortly after its opening, the Garden hosted the 2nd and 3rd Central Plains Flower and Plant Expositions, attended by over 800,000 visitors and featuring more than 80 enterprises and institutions. The commercial impact of these events has profoundly benefited the region economically and socially.

Situated in the New Town area of Yanling County, the Garden grounds are divided into 13 functional areas. These areas include, among others: the Exposition Section, Winter Sweet, the Exhibition Section, Bamboo Plants Section, the Recreation and Vacation Section, and the Children's Playground. The Garden's many functions include: flower show, flower market, ecological tourism spot and science promotion site.