Yuzhou Museum of the Jun Porcelain Kiln Site

Situated at the northern part of Junguanyao Road in the downtown area, the museum covers an area of 47,000 m². The official Jun porcelain kiln site, a state key relic protection unit, is located here. On display are pictures, objects and documents of different dynasties since the Tang Dynasty, which indicates the development, technology as well as the characteristics of the Jun porcelain in different periods. The fine works on display amounts to more than 10,000 pieces. The workshop is open to tourists all year round, allowing the visitor to try their hands at pottery as well. There is a saying that "gold has its price, but Jun porcelain is pricelss." The value of the porcelain lies in its Kiln Change process. Craftsmen add copper to the glaze prior to baking it in the kiln with a resulting magical effect on the porcelain. Through this process, intermixed colors are glowing in their brilliance and form a beautiful contrast.