Native Place of Emperor Huangdi

Widely regarded as the first king of Ancient China and the founder of Chinese culture, Emperor Huangdi stands as a singular figure in the hearts and minds of the Chinese people. Abundant stories prevail on Huangdi's supernatural origins and his youthful wit and wisdom, thus defining his destiny at an early age. Then, as the ruler of the Middle Kingdom, Huangdi led China into a profound era of economic prosperity, political stability and cultural progress. During his rule, this legendary "Yellow Emperor" saw China make remarkable advances in science, art, language and technology. It is from Huangdi's lineage that the remaining ancient emperors come from, thus establishing the celebrated Five Emperors of Chinese Civilization.

In honor of this incomparable national hero, The Native Place of Emperor Huangdi was built during the Han Dynasty. As a sacred site, this memorial ground provides the Chinese people a place to pay homage to their most revered ancestor. Visitors here walk among the ever-expanding memorials, temples and mausoleums that grace this 17-acre facility.

Visitors will find The Native Place of Emperor Huangdi divided into five distinct areas: The Square Area, The Memorial Area, The Dingtan Area, The Xuanyuan Hill, and The Artist Garden.