Boshan Lake Resort

The Boshan Lake Resort has been given several official designations including "National Forest Park" and "Provincial Attraction." Covering an area of 240 km² with a forest coverage of 90% and a waterside area of 22 km², the Resort features many scenic islands and summits as well as sites of historic relevance. The region's acclaim can be traced back to ancient times, such as records of the poet Li Bai and the Calligrapher Yan Zhenqing producing great works here. In contemporary times, Boshan has served as a favorite shooting location for film and television, including CCTV's A Journey to the West and The Long March.

As a natural habitat, the Boshan Lake Resort is a paradise for animals and plants. Over 1,400 species of plants and nearly 100 species of animals make their home here. Rare birds, 30 known species of fish and numerous local plant specialties make the Resort a delightful natural reserve. On both sides of the lake over 6,600 hectares of forest cover all the hills and islands.

Jiuzigou is among the most prominent sites of the Resort. Found at Lutang Mountain, this historic village is where the legend of Chi You originates. As it is told, during the Shang Dynasty, the noble General Chi You relinquished his position when his emperor began ruling with cruelty and malice. Chi You's self-imposed exile led him south towards the banks of the Zhentou River where he found peace and solitude. It was here that emissaries from a rival state negotiated Chi You's alliance to overthrow the malicious Emperor Zhou. This pact led to one of the bloodiest battles of the era, where 9 of Chi You's sons were ultimately killed, hence the name Jiuzigou, which literally means "valley of nine sons." Ruins from this period can be seen by visitors, including the ancient battlefield, training yards and the valley where Chi You's army was stationed.

Another historically relevant site is Shetou Mountain. Here Da Yu, the "hero of flood control," discovered that Shetoushan was blocking water flow and causing summer flooding. This was one of many monumental early engineering works of "Yu the Great" and was commemorated at Liangzichong. Among the Boshan Lake Resort's other scenic sites is the Boshan Lake Dam. Soaring above the horizon, the Dam links Boshan Mountain and Ligangshan. 48m tall, 545m long and 8m wide at its top, the dam has a capacity of 0.62 billion m³. In terms of natural scenery, the oval shaped island, the Eyot, is definitely worth visiting with its botanical garden of more than 470 plant species. Another isle of interest is Linggui Island, home of the delightful Lan Caihe legend, where a 10,000-year old tortoise's reward for heroism was to become immortalized as an island. The beautiful Cuizhu ("bamboo") Stream and its attendant valley overflows with these perennial stalks of the gramineae genus while the Milong Stone Column reaches out from the water's depths and points towards the sky.