Henan Province in 4 Days

Henan's vast history, ethnic and cultural diversity presents the traveler with many possibilities on how to spend your time in the province. For the first time visitor to this region, the must see cultural icons and spectacular landscapes include the Shaolin Temple, Longmen Grottoes and the scenic area of the Yellow River.


Day 1: Zhengzhou - Kaifeng

Travel to the city of Kaifeng from Zhengzhou. Visit the Qingming festival garden by the BianRiver, a historical cultural theme park, built on the basis of the Painting of Qingming by Zhang Zeduan, a famous painter of the Northern Song Dynasty. Spend a leisurely afternoon at the Iron Pagoda, the symbol of KaifengCity.

Day 2: Kaifeng - Jiaozuo

The morning is spent traveling to Jiaozu, located 2.5hrs from Kaifeng. The Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area is the first stop upon arriving into Jiaozuo. Marvel at the best waterfall in all of China at Yuntai Waterfall, located in LaotangouValley.

Day 3: Jiaozuo - Luoyang

Awaken your senses and spirituality at the Longmen Grottoes, one of the three greatest repositories of Buddhist art in China and displays Chinese stone carving at its finest. Spend the afternoon visiting the first temple ever built by the government after Buddhism entered China, the White Horse Temple, also considered the "place of origin" of Buddhism and the "ancestral court" for Buddhists.

Day 4: Luoyang - Zhengzhou

Return to Zhengzhou today, the largest metropolis in Henan province. ShaolinTemple and the PagodaForest are the must sees spots today.