Yuntai Mountain Geological Park

Yuntai Mountain Geological Park consists of Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area, Qinglong Mountain and other surrounding areas. The park is known for its lush greenery, overhanging cliffs, massive waterfalls, secluded valleys and natural spring water. The mountain is most notable for its peculiar peaks, the main peak towering at 1,308 meters above sea level. Climb to the top of the peak for a panoramic view of the majestic mountain and the Yellow River, winding its way through the mountain range.

Apart from its splendid scenery, Yuntai Mountain has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. The spring season brings dry wind, hot and rainy summers, cool autumns and dry cold winters. Rich natural resources can be found on the with an abundance in exotic plants, flowers and medicinal herbs.

The Red Stone Canyon, a rare canyon sight in north China, is highly acclaimed as a "natural gallery of mountains and rivers," due to the grand scale of this beautiful canyon. The most wonderful waterfall in the canyon is at Bailong Waterfall, divided into three sections, each measuring 30meters in height. Tanpu Canyon, located north of Taihang Mountain, is one of the main sources for the Zifang River. Through the winding canyon, a small stream names Xiaolong Creek flows melodiously, formed by a riverbed of winding stepping stones.