Situated in the southwest of Henan province, Nanyang City borders Funiu Mountain to the north, Qinling Mountain to the west and the Han River to the south. With a population of 10.65 million and an area of 26,600km2, it is the largest among 18 cities directly under the administration of Henan Province. Located in transitional area from subtropical zone to warm temperate zone, it has a typical semi-humid continental monsoon climate, which features distinctive seasons, plenty of sunshine and rainfall.

Nanyang has a long history and resplendent culture. As far back as half million years ago, Nanzhao ape men lived there. During the Period of Warring States, it was a famous iron-smelt center and in Western Han Dynasty, it had become one of the six largest cities in the country, which thrived as a business centre. Liu Xiu, the later emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty, had launched his uprising here. Therefore, it is called "the southern capital" or "the hometown of the emperor". Other celebrities born in Nanyang include Fanli, a great businessman, Zhang Heng, a scientist, Zhang Zhongjing, the well-known medical sage, Zhuge Liang, the famous wit master, Peng Xuefeng, a military strategist, Feng Youlan, a philosopher, Yao Xueyin, a literary giant, Wang Yongmin, an inventor, Er Yuehe, a writer and so on.

Not only do the beautiful landscapes of Nanyang lie in its culture but also in its scenery which encompasses features of south and north. For example, Baotianman Natural Reserve Area (listed in the World Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO), 400 kilometer long Funiu Mountain, Magic Tongbai Mountain---the origin of the Huai River, the beautiful Danjiangkou Reservoir---the largest man-made freshwater lake in Asia and the source of the Middle Route Project of South-to-North Water Transfer, dinosaur egg fossils discovered in Nanyang which is hailed as the ninth wonder in the world, the beautiful Bai River: the mother river of the place, flowing across the city and forming a shinning water area of over 600 hectares, etc. Besides, Nanyang is a famous historic city in China which boasts of the places of interest as the Nanyang Art Gallery of Han Dynasty Paintings, the Ancient Temple of Zhuge Liang, the wit master, the Zhang Zhongjing Memorial Temple (Yi Sheng Ci) and the Grave of Zhang Heng.

Local products and specialties include fancy articles burned by iron, jade carvings, tea made by peanuts and sesames, Nanyang cattle, Cornus officinalis, magnolia, vegetarian food of Xuanmiao Temple, Zhenping roast chickens, Bowang pancakes, Jiezhong rice vinegar, Zhenping yellow wine, Sheqi starch products and kiwi-fruits, etc.

Temple of Zhang Zhongjing
Temple of Zhang Zhon...

Zhang Zhongjing is the memorial site built to commemorate Zhang Zhongjing, a great doctor in the Eastern Dynasty who was reputed as the "...

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Baotianman Nature Reserve
Baotianman Nature Re...

Located in northern Neixiang County, the Baotianman Nature Reserve Area covers 100 square kilometers as Henan's first nature reserve and...

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Temple of Marquis Wu
Temple of Marquis Wu

The temple, surrounded by pines and cypresses, was built to commemorate Zhuge Liang, a famous statesman and strategist in the Period of t...

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