In southeastern Henan, the beautiful city of Zhoukou carries the tradition and history of the ages. This ancient city gained prominence 6,000 years ago as the home of the Three Sovereigns: Fuxi, Nuwa and Shennong. Also known as the Three August Ones, these god-kings benevolently ruled early China with their magical powers and great virtue. Continuing Zhoukou's tradition of legendary Chinese figures, several other historical greats are connected to this city. These figures include the founder of Taoism, the venerable Lao Zi, as well as the great Confucian thinker, Cheng Hao, who established Zhoukou's Confucian Academy. Archeological study has established over 200 cultural heritage sites in this region, including relics from the Neolithic age as well as artifacts from the Peiligang, Yangshao, Dawenkou and Longshan Cultures. As one the "cradles of Chinese civilization," Zhoukou stands as a monument to this great nation's origins."

The Taihao Fuxi Mausoleum is the final resting place of Fuxi, the first of Three Sovereigns. Covering an area of 58 hectares, the Mausoleum is decorated with golden glazed tiles. Huaguatai, Fuxi's mystical observatory, is surrounded by pillars and age-old cypress trees. Nearby is Lao Zi's Taiqing Palace. Built according to Chang'an imerpial designs, this Taoist temple features the Xiantian queen dowager's stele and the place of Lao Zi's immortalization, Laojuntai."

The backdrop to the Shaolin Temple is the magnificent natural wonder of the Songshan Mountain Range, which is dramatically paired with the equally picturesque Yellow River. These amazing scenic experiences are accessible via several designated scenic areas. Among the more prominent are the Yellow River Scenic Area, the Huayuankou Scenic Area, the Songshan Scenic Area, the Huancui Valley, and the Huancuiyu Scenic Spot.

Other points of interest include: the 4,000 year old ruins of Wanqui Town, Nuwa Town, the onetime capital of the ancient sovereign Nuwa; the Ji Hongchang Memorial Hall; the Temple of Saint Guan Yu; and the Former Residence of President Yuan Shikai. In terms of natural scenery, Jianzhi Park features lovely collections of pine and cypress trees, as well as pavilions, towers, terraces and several species of wildlife. Huancheng Lake is also notable as a 1,600 hectare body of water. A recently built scenic spot, the 5,000-Year China Attraction mirrors Chinese history with a model of the Great Wall featuring over 10,000 stone, mud, and jade statues of important historical figures. Since the reform, Zhoukou tourism has made great strides. A populous city of 8,950,000 residents, Zhoukou now offers excellent 4 star accommodations for visitors, along with the professional services of Zhoukou's travel agencies. Travel itineraries now include specific routes focused on Lao Zi, Fuxi, Confucius and Zhoukou's scenic spots.

Taihao Fuxi Mausoleum
Taihao Fuxi Mausoleu...

Taihao Fuxi Mausoleum, a national-level key protection unit of historical relics, is a cluster of palace-styled ancient buildings, lookin...

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