Tang Dynasty Tri-colored Glazed Pottery

Called Tang Sancai, this tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty, is notable for the use of yellow, brown and green glaze.

Nanyang Jade

Abundant jade can be found at Dushan Mountain, located in Nanyang City. The hardness, transparency, and shine all lend to the feasibility for artists to intricately carve figures and scenery from the jade collected from Dushan Mountain.

Plum Blossom Jade

Meihuayu, also called Plum Blossom Jade, derives its name for the colorful patterns used in the jade carvings. Meihuayu is called the "Jade of the East," for its delicateness and sophistication. It is used to make bracelets, tea sets, wine sets, stationary and other handicrafts.

Nanyang Pyrograph

The traditional handicraft of pyograph originated in Nanyang City. The wood of euonymus microcarpus is used as the raw material for the pyrographs, depicting scenes of classic novels, fairytales and Chinese scenery.